Beach Day!

I took a day off the other day.  I went with a girlfriend to the beach to just be in nature.  There is something about Northern California weather, air, sunrises and sunsets that make me feel like this place is very healing.  Hopefully everyone feels that where they live.  The Montara Beach in Half Moon Bay is so easy to get to, easy to park.... its 30 minutes from Downtown SF.  Being the passenger while driving is one lucky part of getting there.  I got to look out on the horizon from above the cliffs and all I saw was wide open Blue Ocean that looks like your inside a huge cup of water.  Walking and talking to a girl friend is just one of my favorite things to do.  I really needed a day out of the city and out of my ordinary working life. I was getting over a major cold so I had to bundle up and not dip my feet in the freezing water.  I normally walk barefoot on any beach, but felt I needed  to stay all cozy and warm.  Northern California beaches are so beautiful.  All the colors of the land. Succulents grow all along the cliffs, the sand, things in the sand.... its just amazing. The sound of the waves is another healing element.  That ocean just keeps a movin' Nothing interrupts the oceans waves.  They spill onto the shore and make beautiful sounds.  Another cute thing that you see at the beach here are PEOPLE.  Girlfriends connecting while watching the sea, bunches of high school boys goofing around and sitting to watch the sunset, and families walking. You see a tiny positive glimpse of peoples lives. I love it.   

Enjoy the little things and do what you have to do to keep healthy and happy.