Well,  Tonight I am reading Thesis papers for an upcoming Cidesco Exam. whew!  Who am I? I am Christy from Fairbanks, Alaska.   A very cold, dark wonderful place that is pure nature. My mom named me after a teacher in a book.  The book being called Christy. ( I need to read BTW) I was a Massage therapist for 20++ years and NEVER thought I'd be a teacher. NEVER.  Never thought I was smart enough.  Long story short I am an educator/teacher.  How did my mom know?    I do love when I see a student put in some good effort and be proud of their work.  THAT is awesome. I don't have much else to say except I'm cooking fajitas tonight.  I am hosting my students at Aloeswood soon to discuss what it looks like to open a business, and teach them cupping! woo hoo!!!!!