Balancing your energy!


I get stressed sometimes and need a break.  All the noise and energy from city life can really mess up my vibe so I wanted to share some things I do to get back in balance.  This list includes actual things I really do!

#1 Morning is a great time to set intentions and be grateful.  This sets you up for major alignment on your path.  I pick a word like " energetic" or "victory"  I also look out my window listen to the morning birds and run all the things I am grateful for in my life. One of the main ones I am grateful for is a "place I can rest my head in safety and peace."  

#2 Kundalini Yoga - If I can make a class I take a class, but lately I've had to squeeze 30 minute kundalini sessions into my day via youtube.  I am really into Kamilla on you tube.  Kundalini is a lot of breath work, some repetitive movement, mudras( hand gestures)  and Mantra( Sanskrit words) that have energy.  This practice is one of the BEST reset tools I have right now.

#3 Baths  Water helps me.  The warmth grounds me.  I love to put some Digital Detox in my bath from Pursoma.  This magical organic blend REALLY works.  If I don't have that I put some milk, honey an essential oils in there .  Blended together that slough off dead skin cells, hydrate and calm the senses. 

#4 Dry Skin Brushing.  I do this almost everyday before I shower or bathe.  Ancient healing practice that moves your lymph towards your heart removing cellular waste. Its good for clearing up cellulite and making the skin soft in the process.

#5  Tinctures-  These plant and gem essences are magic for the soul.  Take a few drops of them throughout the day under the tongue or in your water.  Plants have healing vibrations and healing properties. I love having a Rose tincture on hand always... for love.  

#6 Nature is the best medicine.  Getting out in fresh air and the negative ions, and all the delicious smells a forest or a beach offer calm the nervous system.

#7  Adaptogens- Adaptogens have been around for over 60 thousand years.  Ancient Siberia is one of the first places that used them.  Rhodiola was used when returning from the hunt to restore strength.  Adaptogens are plants that have sustained a harsh growing environment/ ADAPTED.  This gives the plant healing properties that are STRONG on a cellular level.  Mixed into our blood/systems they heal and give our cells energy to deal with stress.  I make an adaptogen tea thats AWESOME.  Full of Damiana, Red Raspberry leaf... and others... I cool it and putt in jars and serve it at my spa. 

#8 Hammock.  A hammock just is the right thing to do.  It brings me back to my beach days. I have one in my living room.  If you don't have a hammock make a cozy space with soft things you like on it. 

#9 Make an ALTAR.  Not something you need to pray to( but you could) I have altars of pretty meaningful things all over my house.  In my kitchen I make a space and set up my cookbooks and jars of specialty drinks and foods real pretty.  In my living room I have a fire pit :) and I set up crystals and candles in it.

#10 Nothing beats stress like sleep.  Massages, Facials, sensory deprivation tanks, cupping, anything like this will help you sleep better.