Benefits of an Organic Facial and a New approach to Old world medicine

organic farm

organic farm

Why do you need to care about if a plant is organic or not?   The land is being depleted and doesn't hold the same nutrients it once had to grow plants and if its not ORGANIC you better be sure its full of Genetically Modified Organisms, which means they have an unstable cell structure.  So we are using weaker plants, that have weaker results just to mass produce it if its NOT organic.  Organic plants are chirally correct naturally and the body utilizes the healing properties allowing the medicine of the plant to work in its highest form. 

Plants have been used as medicine for over 60,0000 years if not longer! There are many ways in which plants may be used. One is internally via tincture or tea this allows the plant essence to enter the blood stream and do its magic on a cellular level internally. Today we have a resurgence of this and we call them adaptogens.  Adaptogen plants such as Damiana, and Rhodiola just to name two when taken internally help our cells adapt to stress in a positive way.

At Aloeswood I serve a special cold tea of  Organic Adaptogens to enhance the healing of the body internally. It really does work.

Another way plants may be used is topically.  In ancient times if you were injured or had an infection they would apply herbs topically.  Plants have anti- bacterial anti- fungal properties among many other benefits.  Our skin is meant to regenerate and heal.. At Aloeswood all of our products are 100% Certified organic and wild crafted.  Aloe is one of the main ingredients we see in our products. The aloe plant is a would healer this helps repair SKIN from the damage is endures on a daily basis.

If the plants you use are ORGANIC you are getting the highest quality of medicinal value they can offer. PERIOD.

Now onto the benefits of a facial.  

Psychological  stress has been linked to a cellular indicator of aging people.  This means emotional stress and mental stress.  Stress causes cortisol levels to increase, which causes inflammation, which causes aging, redness, pain and disease.  If stress isn't managed this can be devastating.  

FACIALS  LOWER cortisol levels, they stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body the rest and digest and relax!  Relaxation on any level offers our body time to do what it needs to do on a cellular level.  It allows our cells the chance to communicate with each other instead of  not stressing over how to keep you alive.  When you are stressed your capillaries constrict, this impedes normal blood flow to the tissues and organs. This is not ideal. You need nutrients and oxygen flowing without tension to feed an nourish all cells. You also need it to flow properly to allow toxins to be picked up by the lymphatic tissue and detox. Its great to stress when the stress is acute, it helps us survive  and make decisions quickly.  When the nervous system is in stress mode all the time is is VERY exaughsting  for our body.  Facials calm the nervous system allowing ALL the systems to work more efficiently.  

TOUCH  SMELL and BREATH  all stimulate relaxation through the senses aka nervous system! 

Facials at Aloeswood have dry skin brushing(TOUCH)  and organic essential oil massage on the arms and shoulders(SMELL), along with a 20 minute face massage, and a 15 minute neck and scalp massage We use Organic essential oils so the purest chemical compounds of healing plant medicine will be absorbed into your system an utilized efficiently. Your breath slows down as you lie on our table cozy and tucked under a comforter breathing in all the aromas(BREATH)

Circulation of blood ensures nutrients and oxygen flow efficiently through your  body  and reach all your cells so they can duplicate, and grow healthy.  It also is giving your body another metabolic push to flush toxins, which is another benefit of facials if they have a lot of massage.  Facial massage works with the lymphatic system and works closely with the blood network.  Massage will move blood and lymph pushing toxins towards lymph nodes that will filter them.  This is great, no one wants stagnant toxins laying around.  This also is what makes you glow. That is why a really great face massage is key to a good facial.  It gets kicked up a notch when the esthetician uses all organic products that impact the chosen skin condition and get absorbed on a cellular level.  This is why organic ingredients play a very important role.  

Keep it positive.  








Let food be thy medicine