Aloeswood + Agarwood+ Aloe


I have a lot of people ask me where I came up with the name Aloeswood and how I even began this journey.  I am going to give the short version, ( which will be long) because my healing and travels and learning is all a part of how I got here . I worked at Sweetcheeks Skincare owned by Lindsay Flint which was suddenly closing, business was booming ..NEXT... I have always wanted my own place and everyone I have ever talked to knew this:)  I tried looking for a place in the area,  EVERYONE wanted crazy$$ and I felt defeated.  I had emailed the people at Macarthur Annex, with no response so I thought they MUST be rented.  On my way to work I stopped by them and planted a  seashell  under the building and said a prayer to the universe....  ( something like: hey if this is a good match please hook me up)  after that I go around the corner and instantly meet the owner of the building .  CRAZY.  That day i agreed that when the stars aligned ( Mercury was out of retrograde)

I would sign the lease.  I had 2 weeks to pull my shit together.  It was unexpected and a dream come true.  Lindsay helped me organize what i needed logistically/legally.  I was working  3 ten hour days teaching Anatomy/physiology, prepping and facilitating an international test,  closing Sweetcheeks and now opening a business. It felt like my eyes were bleeding.  I needed a NAME fast for all my documents.  I made a list of names like Skyrocket Skincare, Rainbow Star Light etc... a huge list of resonating names that sucked.    

NEXT:  In Fiore one of my cult favorite San Francisco SKIN+ BODY  lines has a dictionary of all the ingredients they use in their products... ITs RAD.  I get to OUD oil.... This is a smell I had bought in a mans cologne before, I look it up another name for it is AGARWOOD and ALOESWOOD...

. " The Wood of the Gods" 


This oil is made from a mould infecting the heartwood of the tree to make a rare, beautiful oil that is renown since ancient times!!!!   I loved it, I love that something irritating can produce a sacred oil. 

 I picked ALOESWOOD.  Since then unbeknownst to me at the time even though it has nothing to do with the tree, ALOE is the main ingredient in almost every product I USE!  

Aloe has ALSO been used since ancient times.  Its properties are very healing to the skin... to be put simply.   My business is built with respect and gratitude for what Mother Nature has provided since ancient times and the lineage of education that has somehow reached me through ALL my teachers in the last 20 years, from Alaska, Oregon, Fiji, New York, Panama, Costa Rica..San Francisco and beyond.   Looking back it all brought me here!!

Much Love,