c o n n e c t i o n + a l i g n m e n t

Im back from my beautiful trip to Costa Rica and I always think "this will do me for a while"  but I always want another adventure !  This picture was taken at Tabacon Hot Springs after 3 hours in the healing waters, bopping around from beautiful jungle pool to the next.  This place was on my personal bucket list and it was everything I imagined.  They serve a 4 course meal during your visit and it was delicious  as well.   Spoiled.  The day before we went on a hike to Cerro Chato ....and I had to stop the hike due to my extreme nervousness of the deep bush jungle.   We saw and heard NO one for 2 hours as we trekked deeper into the jungle.... we were told the trail was closed but my Austrian Hiking BF was going regardless.   It was like a glorious scary movie.   We were .5 miles from the secret lake, and we hit deep mud, THEN we hit a huge enormous pond of water on the trail and i had to put the kabosh on it:/   That was my limit.  Deep muddy water.  Our shoes were ruined for the rest of our trip.  No running.  It rained almost the whole time we were there and it was a bit chilly.  I did not pack for chilly.  A little side note:  When I bought my land in Puerto Viejo, 2006 I ran into my old boss/friend Denise  after 7 years of not seeing her.  She told me to follow my dream of someday building a healing place on my land and teaching locals the gifts I have been taught.   So I bought it. PURE BUSH JUNGLE.   We stayed at her beautiful little studio apartment she built this trip and most days we just had all the windows and doors open staring into the beautiful jungle and river on her property.  It was JUST what I needed.    We hiked up to my land with the help of William a wonderful man who is a neighbor...... every step, every breath I took on my land I became present with my life and realized more of who I am.   I am a dreamer.  I dream until my dream comes true.   

C O N N E C T I O N + A L I G N M E N T   

My next step is to create a way to support more people on their healing journey AND  create holistic lifestyle management  classes.   I can feel something brewing .  Wishing all you souls freedom to believe anything is possible.