l i f e + l o v e

Im writing on a Saturday night.  I have been inclined  to share my little slice of existence over here in O A K L A N D + B E Y O N D.   It can be a roller coaster owning a business and I have to keep myself in check when it comes to self care.  I have been doing sensory depravation floats since May and it has really helped with staying present and balanced.   Sometimes life can be uncomfortable and it feels difficult to navigate. What I have learned after 43 years on the planet is this..... it really doesn't matter!!!  Life will point you in the right direction for your maximum growth. Relaxation around this takes practice, and I am glad i believe in it. Self care for me looked like getting a Thai massage and going into the sauna last month at SUCHADA.  It was amazing!  I think my right leg was put back in its socket.   As I get older I find taking  good care of myself makes me and my body feel the best.  Thats why I offer a monthly membership.  I think doing something for yourself once a month can transform you.  I aim for my treatments to transform you with crystals, Palo Santo, beautiful music, powerful ingredients, healing elixirs, and creating a magical space for you to enjoy your facials and massages.  If you want it manifest it.  Dream about it, and don't let it go. Wishing all of you the space to create the life you want. 

breathing light in and out,