Healer Series


I am kicking off this Holistic Skin+Body roadmap to getting your glow on a cellular level with the NERVOUS SYSTEM! This little Healer Series will highlight information on How to get your glow on a cellular level and tips and tricks I share with my clients. My hope is that I can simply explain how everything affects our body and you can take tips home to enhance your glow. I have been practicing these tips and tricks for YEARS and they seem to work. One thing to remember is that healing the body on any level is a process and and takes time. I value each persons journey.

Here we go.


Every cell in your body has a nucleus that has DNA in it. Im pretty sure. LOL. The Nervous System communicates to each cell and has the opportunity to affect it in a good way vs a bad way. The Nervous System is comprised of the Brain and the Spinal cord and all the nerves that spread out to ALL the organs and tissue to the whole body. Skin has nerve cells in the Dermis which are an extensive network of sensory nerve. The spinal cord that runs down your back has nerves sprouting from both sides that connect and control all the organs in the body including the heart, lungs, kidneys, adrenals, etc.

The Nervous System controls: Everything.

The Adrenals which if stressed sends cortisol into the blood causing tissues to get inflamed .

Inflammation in the body looks like PAIN + Redness… possible depression, fatigue etc.

Over stressed Adrenals also stimulate secondary sex hormones and increase testosterone and oil production thus possibly increasing acne and hair growth on face. This is WAY more complicated then it seems and my point is that STRESS to the body can cause disharmony in your hormones BECAUSE… your ENDOCRINE SYSTEM is controlled by the NERVOUS SYSTEM. The Endocrine system are your organs that produce hormones that can be in balance or not. The endocrine system is something to read about … a great book i love is Holistic Anatomy by Pip Waller.

There is something called the HPA axis and it is feedback loop that is meant to help us in Fight or Flight. Stress is going to happen and a little stress is good for the ol’ body sometimes.

When we receive signals via our senses to our brain in any stressful moment it goes to the Hypothalamus, this is the big girl in the brain, it is CONNECTED via blood and nerves to the pituitary gland, this girl controls ALL GLANDS WHICH CONTROL HORMONES….. the stress glands called the ADRENALS and our bodies are set up so that if we experience stress it can help us survive instantly via electricity and blood communication in our body… The adrenals also control salt in our kidneys. SALT IS AN ion/ENERGY CONDUCTOR…. when you are stressed and need to run fast you need salt to conduct energy. Chronic stimulation of adrenals causes puffiness which is a result of salt retention and not using the energy that was meant for fight or flight it also causes fatigue. Adrenal stimulation from stress also makes it so you can see farther, speeds up heart rate so more blood is pumped to muscles. A Sped up heart rate is good for short term but not long term. Long term the constriction or squeezing of arterial walls make blood pressure go up, causing stress on blood flow and the heart. DIGESTION in fight or flight is slowed down on purpose so your energy isn’t used for non necessary functions.

Because our nervous system is stimulated via senses Im going to go over the senses and how to” stimulate “ relaxation or what the body may recognize as relaxation thus changing chemical reactions for the better allowing your inner glow to happen.

HEARING- Sound is vibration, and can change matter chemically. watch Dr. Emoto video on You Tube.. then practice exploring sound in your healing life. When I get my tap water i say a lovely thought giving my water extra life. Once you watch Dr. Emoto you’ll see.

I love Silvia Nakkach and she teaches sound healing at CIIS in SF she is also on Pandora, i listen to her in my treatments and find her very healing.

TOUCH- Receiving healing touch in facials and massages is more than just feeling good which has amazing benefits. It creates blood flow , which removes metabolic waist and feeds tissue the nutrients blood has to offer all cells of the body. It literally metabolizes the tissue. Touch slows down the breath thus expanding capillaries allowing nutrients to flow to skin. It also relaxes muscles around the abdomen allowing for better digestion. Better digestion is huge for you glow.. you want great healthy digestion. It also lowers cortisol and inflammation as the body recognizes the breath as relaxing. You take a breath because your nervous system tells you to0 AND YOU can control it. Its controlled by a MIXED nerve.

SMELL- aromatherapy has direct accès to your brain through the nose and neuropathway stimulating your limbic System. The act of smelling a beautiful aroma also slows down heart rate, allows you to be present, relaxes constriction of arterial walls. BTW arteries have a tiny muscle layer around them that is meant to constrict and dilate. Chronic one or the other isn’t good… blood pressure needs to be balanced. Ways to bring aroma into your life:

Get an oil diffuser and diffuse your favorite aroma.

add a couple drops of high quality oil to your jojoba or sunflower or grapeseed oil and apply to body.

I love soy candles

I also love Copal which is an incense from Mexico. ITS SO GOOD!

Do not put raw essential oils on your skin or face.

If you suffer from Asthma using aromatherapy may not be advised because it stresses the cilia in the lungs.

Cooking is another way to use smell as a healing tool. Not only do ingredients have aroma, such as ginger, parsley,garlic etc. The smells activate enzymes in your mouth preparing your body for great digestion.

SIGHT- We don’t always get to be surrounded by beauty:) Be conscious of your breath when you see things you don’t like. When you see things you don’t like say a lovely mantra so the negative impact of what you saw doesn’t imprint into your cells. I like to send a loving wish to the Universe or give myself a positive vibe mantra like “ Believe in Yourself” Thought is very important to our health it carries emotion and it carries an energy. This is one place that has had a huge impact on my self care on a cellular level. Its so easy, but I need a high vibe mantra on repeat.

I hope this has helped someone with understanding how the Nervous System affects your well being.

xx christy