This was my first trip to Yosemite National Park!  I ALWAYS love a good vacation, always.  just a disclaimer i had a very sore thumb in the beginning of this trip and was praying it healed with a little time off and it did!   This is MIRROR LAKE and we walked a pretty flat trail to get here.... its a good first day walk.   I iced my thumb about 5 times in the icey waters here in the canyon on this walk, each time for about 5 minutes.  I must say it totally took my thumb pain away. I ice at home all the time but the plunge is what really healed it.  Besides the vast beauty of this area and soaking up all the  smoke from the fire and walking back and forth to the bathrooms in the freezing am.... I remembered i need to have a routine of self healing.  When you are in pain there is nothing else you can think about  besides healing that pain.  The magic of our skin and bodies is that our cells are meant to regenerate and renew and HEAL.  ITS TRUE!!  

 MOVING FORWARD DAY 2 was the big hike of my life! I have no pics because my phone died.  We hiked to Nevada falls.  4 miles up a 2500ft elevation. Its like walking UP stairs for 4 MILES!! like straight up.  I think the whole trip took us 5 hours... i don't remember.  Then 4 miles down.  whoa.  That night we went here:


The YOSEMITE BUG .... this hot tub overlooks a huge valley and the fresh air and local waterfall is in the background.  They have a sauna as well and a cold shower.  I received a massage from a man named Bryce, and this was the day of my big hike.  During the  hike my lower traps were starting to hurt ( thats mid- lower back) connected to hips and arms and ribs...  here is what i looked like after that massage.


I was beyond tired, the Yosemite Bugs tent cabins had THE most comfortable beds Ive ever slept in.   I woke up and took an am yoga class there.  The Oakland edge was dissipating from my body. If you know what i mean.  

This is day 3 a hike to Inspiration Point. This hike was like 4 miles round trip but still high elevation.  It was pancakes after the Nevada Falls hike.   If you ever guess "Hey should I go on that trip?" try and go, if you can't go,  have a staycation and make yourself happy do whatever you want.  It can be expensive,  but sharing costs when you travel is a good way to save.  I try  not to do to much on my vacations... but I did come up with a wellness plan for myself.  i MUST go to Kabuki once a month to sauna and cold plunge.  Cold plunges for me heal my whole body.  What they do for you is like  super warp healing.   Luckily I'm from Alaska and have had practice slowing my breath... in cold weather and water.   

Enjoy every moment wherever you are!

xo Christy